Danica and I have been talking about her room for a while now. When we first moved into this home almost six years ago, her room was the first room we did. She was ten at the time, and wanted something girly and pink. She has since grown up, started high school, and her style has changed. Remember what the room looked like before?

Very pink, and a little too young for a freshman. We painted it gray, and went with a totally new look. The room is now very calm and serene. We painted her book shelves white, found a new bed and desk, and put an amazing chair in the room to read in.

The starting point of the room was the bedspread. I found this one on Overstock, and then went from there with the colors. The bookshelves were a bear to paint, can you say four coats, but they turned out great. Danica had fun accessorizing them.

Danica wanted a chair to sit in while she reads, and we looked everywhere for one. I think we looked for a few months for the perfect chair. I liked one on Wayfair, but it was back ordered for a while. So while we were shopping at an antique store we ran into this gem.  It was just sitting there saying take me home! It was perfect. The best part, I bought that, some accessories, and the bed’s headboard for cheaper than the chair I was originally going to buy. It totally pays off to pick and hunt.

She wanted a gallery wall above her bed, so I went to work and gathered some old frames and hung them in a fun pattern. I also found this fun light fixture on amazon that is actually quite bright. Perfect for reading.

I found this fun night stand at a second hand store. It is perfect for her clock and books.

She loves Harry Potter, so we displayed her Hogwart’s letter and Marauder’s map by her reading chair.

She has her desk and display board on the other side of the room, and she has been having fun decorating the board.

Overall, this room turned out to be a great success. It was fun to work with my daughter and see her personality come through in the design.