Nothing says welcome like color

I love colorful front doors. My friend and I are on a movement to start a colorful front door trend in our neighborhood. I think that nothing says welcome like the color of your front door.  I had recently visited Paris and was inspired by the doors that looked like this. I loved how all their buildings were mostly cream, and they used the color of their door to express.. Read More

Taking it outside

It has been a while since I have posted. It is not because I haven’t been busily working away in my home, but because I have been busily working away outside my home.  I have been working as an aid at a school this past school year.  I can’t believe how much time I don’t have to do things like blog when I am working.  I have missed blogging. I.. Read More

Trimmed out and finished exercise room

I am back ready to post pictures of our finished exercise room. We added some molding which I chose to use and replace in the whole house. I can’t believe how much molding finishes off a room every time we install it. This room turned out great. I love the soft gray color, the carpet tiles which are perfect to put heavy exercise equipment on, and it is way fun.. Read More

A delicious soup recipe for a cold day

It has been freezing here lately. Below zero temps.  When it is that cold outside, it just makes me want to put a pot of soup on.  I love any kind of soup, but this one is one of my favs. This is the soup that got my hubby to marry me.  I made this for him on our second date, and after that he was hooked.  You know what.. Read More

working on the exercise room

Don’t you just love this lovely peach color! This room is in my basement and was probably used as a craft room. It had a lovely flower wallpaper border which we removed, and the flooring was foam tiles. Got to love it all!   We chose a light gray color for the walls, then found some carpet tiles for the floor. These are the coolest things.  They stick down with adhesive.. Read More

Yard Work

Finally another post. These last couple of months have kept me so busy, that I haven’t had any time to concentrate on doing important things like blog. We have been busy at our house. Mostly with the outside. We decided to cut out some flower gardens in our yard. This was so needed. Nothing bugs me more that just grass that goes to a fence. First we planned out our.. Read More

New Life for some Old Furniture

Taking the old, making it new…so fun, cheap, and cheerful. I love re purposing all my old furniture when doing a new room. My older daughter had a desk we used in her old room. We took that desk, re-painted it, and it totally changed it’s personality and looks brand new. Here’s how it looked before. It went in her room in our old house that looked like this. I.. Read More

I love Paris in the Springtime!

My other daughter wanted a Paris themed bedroom. Since I have recently been to Paris I was all for this, and way excited to design this room. Here is her room before. Very bland and white. Here it is after. Very bright, colorful, and Parisian! This was one of the most fun rooms I have done in a long time. It was fun to work with her and her ideas,.. Read More


Lighting in a room can add so much fun and personality. I love taking a light fixture and making it my own. For instance, we found this chandelier on Overstock for an amazing price. It was brass, yuck, but with a little imagination and some turquoise spray paint, it turned into a whole lot of fabulous! This is my daughter’s personality all summed up in a light fixture. I wanted.. Read More

Re-purposing…love it!

I love adding personality and color to a room by making things. Either painting old furniture, or using fabrics. I love giving new life to things, doing a room on the cheap (inexpensive). Everything we did in my girl’s room we made ourselves, or re-purposed. For instance, we decided that the room was too small for the current desk we had for it. So we chopped the desk in half,.. Read More