Outdoor spaces

I love summer. I am so glad that summer is here, things have slowed down, and yard work has begun. I love working outside. I look at it as another fun space to create.  Every year I do a little something different on my porch. I either paint my door a new color or spray some accessories. Either way, nothing stays the same on there for very long.
Two years ago my door was turquoise, and my porch looked like this.

Last year I re painted my door an apple green and found a clock to hang on the side of my porch. I sprayed the clock a turquoise color, and the two chairs on the porch got placed in the backyard and I put only one chair on the porch. It gave the porch a larger sense of space.

It was bright and colorful and I really liked the green color for my door. This year not a lot has changed. I kept the door color the same, but got out my spray can and painted my lantern a dark eggplant color. I painted the clock gray and found some fun pots at Tai Pan that I thought went well. It is a little more toned down, but I love the pop of purple.

I love the neutral color for the clock and the pop the turquoise hands give it.

I also added some fun things to my back porch. I have wanted something for under my window for a long time now, and didn’t want to necessarily do window boxes.  I decided to put three large planters under there instead. The only problem was finding planters where I live. They either weren’t big enough, the style was wrong, or they were more than I was willing to pay. So my hubby and I went on a trip to Cal Ranch.  Not my favorite store, but I thought they might have something…and they did.  Large metal garbage cans.  I loved the idea instantly.  It was fun, unexpected, and unusual.

They were the perfect size and I love the way the flowers and grass look in them.

We also made this fountain using two pots. The larger on the bottom to hold flowers and the smaller on top for the water feature.

With just some spray paint, some creative pots, and some pretty flowers, outside spaces are a fun way to add personality to any house.

I'm Erin, a busy mom of three, chauffeur, cook, housekeeper, and wanna be decorator. I love old movies, good books, and a daily trip to Lowes. We have recently bought a new home...one we are fixing up and changing everything. This blog is to record our renovating journey. This is not the first house we have done. Actually, it is our third. My husband and I love a project. Any project. We both love working on our home, have the same taste, (which is great), and love working and re purposing things on our budget. We can show you how to put together a high end and creative look without breaking the bank. Taking something old and recreating it into something new and exciting for any room is my passion. Hope you enjoy this decorating journey with us!