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My fall yarn wreath

Yea! Fall is almost upon us. I am busy getting all my fall decor ready to display and enjoy. Fall is my favorite season of the year. I think it is the funnest to decorate for because it stays out so long. I love the textures, colors, and smells. The house just feels more cozy when my fall decor is out and around us. I was looking at my fall decor the other day and I decided two things. I need to refresh what I have, and my daughter needs a fun craft to do with me. So we got busy and came up with a fun wreath design for our front door. We had a fun trip to Hobby Lobby and bought a foam wreath form and some fall inspired yarn.

This yarn came with some great colors all wound up together. We decided we wanted the wreath to have the look of a fall sweater. So we got busy separating all the colors.

Once the yarn was separated, we got busy starting our first color. We cut off a long piece of yellow yarn, hot glued the end to the wreath form and went to work winding the yarn around the form.

We just wrapped it tightly in a single layer around and around. When we used up that color, we grabbed another. There was no pattern we used, we just randomly grabbed colors and lengths. I really wanted it to look a little random and colorful. Like a fall sweater you may buy.

This was not hard at all. In fact, do you remember wrapping yarn around old soup cans for class projects? This was just like that.

Once we finished wrapping the yarn the wreath looked like this. Originally I wasn’t going to add anything to the wreath, but after looking at it for a while it just looked like it need something a little more three dimensional. I decided to run to the store and pick up some felt swatches and make a few flowers.

There are so many ways to make felt flowers, but I chose one of the easiest. Trace a large circle about the size you want your flower to be. Then trace about eight smaller circles next to it. Cut them all out. The larger circle you are going to use to glue the smaller circles onto. Take the smaller circles, cut one slit almost to the middle of the circle. Then take some hot glue and glue the two slits together. Then glue the smaller circles onto the larger making a flower. Then find a fun button or jewel for the center.


I made the center flower larger then the other two. Once I got them glued together, I glued them onto the wreath with hot glue and added a couple of berry sprigs.

I really like how this turned out. I like that the texture is different than other wreaths I usually hang on the door. It is going to be a fun addition to my front porch for sure!

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