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    Autumn home tour

    Welcome to my Autumn home! I like to decorate spaces to reflect the season in my home. I love decorating for autumn because the house feels a little more cozy, and you can keep the decor out longer. I like to create spaces that make you feel as if they have been collected, with a lot of different colors and textures, and not overly designed. Enjoy the tour!  

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    Fall touches – my living room

    This year for fall I decided to keep it simple, and the living room is no exception. We usually call this room the music room since a lot of piano playing goes on in there. The room is painted denim, and all the chairs in that room are gray. This more neutral color palate helps the room feel formal without feeling stuffy. For fall this year I literally placed a couple of pumpkins on the secretary and vintage suitcase I have by the piano. I added some sunflowers on the table, and my topiary I usually have in the room just feels like fall already. My fur throw was perfect…

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    Fall touches – mantel stairways

    When we were renovating our home, we decided against putting a mantle above the fireplace. I just wanted a clean wall. This opened up our room and gave it a lot more space. The only problem was where I was going to decorated my “holiday mantels.” I have two stairways in my home. One going up, and one going down. We created shelves in both areas. This became the perfect place for my holiday decorating. In the downstairs hallway there was a natural shelf created from our foundation. It use to be just dry wall, but we trimmed it out and added some brick. This is an easy place to…

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    Fall touches…my family room

    I think I’ve mentioned before. I love fall. It is probably my most favorite season of the year. Most years I have gone all out with my fall decorating. I would use garlands, pumpkins, pictures…you ┬áname it. ┬áThis year however, I decided to take a much more simple approach. I wanted to have a cozy fall feel to the room without the clutter of too much stuff. It is different than I have done before, but I like it. I did not want to completely tear apart my room to decorate for fall this year. Instead I just added a few fun touches. My blankets and pillows get added for…

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    My fall yarn wreath

    Yea! Fall is almost upon us. I am busy getting all my fall decor ready to display and enjoy. Fall is my favorite season of the year. I think it is the funnest to decorate for because it stays out so long. I love the textures, colors, and smells. The house just feels more cozy when my fall decor is out and around us. I was looking at my fall decor the other day and I decided two things. I need to refresh what I have, and my daughter needs a fun craft to do with me. So we got busy and came up with a fun wreath design for…