So just the other day I was shopping around with my husband. We went to a fun antique store we like to go to just to browse around for fun. I should never do that. We came home with a few things. Things we don’t need, but were an amazing deal. I was planning on painting and selling a few of these things, but when I brought this piece home, I knew it had to be a part of our house.


The thing that caught my eye…actually my husband’s…. was the detail and character of this piece. It looks like a beat up seventies console, but I loved the lines and the knobs, and with a little paint I knew there was some potential there. That is the thing about shopping for old pieces and figuring out if they are worth saving. You need to look at the size, shape, condition, price, and the lines of the piece to know if it is worth it. This defiantly was.

So…I brought it in and put it where I thought it would work.


It fit just perfectly in the bump out of my bay window. I was so excited. I can’t wait to get started painting and finishing this piece. It will add a lot more character and storage to my room.