I love spring, the flowers, trees leaf out, the weather gets warmer…wait…I live in Idaho. We don’t get warm weather until July. Anyways, this month has taken me for a ride. I haven’t decided yet which month is more crazy. December or May. I’m thinking May this year. Even though my life has been a bit crazy, I still made time for my yard. We have had a couple of nice days this month which we took advantage of to work on the flower gardens and fences. We decided to stain our fences this year. I love to paint furniture, walls, paper, but I am not a fan of painting fences. So with a lot of convincing on my husband’s part, we went outside and went to work. Really, it only took us two days, and the results are great. We used a dark brown semi transparent stain and rolled it on with rollers. Not too bad.


It kind of made the fence disappear, making the plants really stand out.

We also spent an afternoon weeding everything, moving some plants, and laying down new mulch. Let me tell you, if you do nothing else in your yard lay mulch down in your flower gardens. Brown mulch, not red by the way. The plants stand out much more and things look more natural with the brown mulch. My flower gardens are filled with perennials, bushes and trees, so things just grow in on their own each year.

We also dug out grass on the side of our yard last year for the tramp and our fire pit. I love this spot in our yard. First, putting the tramp and tying it down in it’s own designated spot is wonderful! There is no having to move it every time you mow, and since it is always tied down, I don’t worry about it blowing over to the neighbor’s yard. My kids love the fire pit. This is such a great spot for teenagers and their friends in the summer. We installed a propane line under the ground and connected it to the fire pit, so we have the fire without the smell. So there you have it, my yard ready and waiting for summer!