So it a while back I found this great architectural piece of wood at my local antique store. When I say a while back, I mean probably a year or more ago.  Every time I went into this store I wanted to buy this piece and create something with it. A few weeks ago I got my chance.

A few weeks back I made a few changes to my family room and bought an old radio. This started kind of a spiral of sorts. I had a chair where the old radio was, so I had to move the chair to the wall where my cool arrow hung.

Since I moved the chair over, you could only see half of the arrow. Well, I couldn’t have that, so we moved the arrow upstairs on the landing wall, and I needed to find something for the wall above the chair. So you could imagine my excitement when I realized I could use that old piece of wood to create a unique shelf. I ran over to the antique store, bought the item that was calling my name, and came up with a plan for the shelf.

I wanted the top of the shelf to be a little narrow and simple. I didn’t want anyone to hit their heads on a big piece of wood sticking out. I found this piece of MDF wood in the garage, we cut it down to size, and I painted it my favorite Man Cave gray.

My hubby attached the bottom half to the wall, and we glued on the top shelf to that wood. It looked great! I couldn’t wait to start decorating it.

I had this painting my daughter did a few years back. I decided to grab an old frame from my storage room and frame it up. I grabbed a couple of old books I had downstairs, and ran to the store for the rest of the accessories.

I found some fun vases, a green frame to frame one of my favorite quotes, and the fun turquoise T to add a pop of color.

This was a such a fun project. The kind that only takes a few dollars, a couple of hours, but gives a huge impact to the room.