Today I am sharing my  kitchen Christmas decor. This area is so fun to decorate because it is where our family spend most of our time. It is where Christmas goodies are baked, and meals are prepared every night.

In my kitchen I mostly work around things I already have on my counter that I need to cook with. I am always cooking in my kitchen, so I need to be practical while decorating. One of my favorite places to add some Christmas cheer is my hood over the stove. I always have a wreath hanging on my hood, and Christmas is no exception.

I just made this wreath this year with yarn, pom poms and small brush Christmas trees. It is so fun and colorful on my white hood. It adds a little bit of a sparkly, vintage touch to the kitchen.


I always have my red tea pot on my stove for a pop of color, but for Christmas I added my candy cane Santa, snowman plate, and some berries to add some Christmas touches.

I use this little counter by the pantry every morning to make lunches for my girls. I added my Santa plate, some berries, and a cute poinsettia my friend gave to me.


On my counter where I keep my dishes, I set out our hot chocolate bar. It isn’t as elaborate as some I have seen on pinterest, but it works for our family. I found my vintage Santa at Downeast on year, and I love plugging him in and watching his candle bubble.

I don’t put anything on the counter where my sink is. I am constantly cutting or serving food in that spot, and I have learned over the years that it is just a pain to constantly be moving things out of the way. I do have another larger poinsettia in my vintage box on my island. This is all that gets put on the island because we use that spot every day. I use it for baking, we eat breakfast and lunch on it, and the girls do their homework there.

I love how just some simple touches can add such a fun and festive spirit to any room in your house.