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Christmas in my Family room and Kitchen

I love December. I love Christmas.  I love everything about it. The music, the lights, the spirit of giving….everything.  I love putting up Christmas decor in my home for the holidays. Decorations we have collected over the years mean a lot to me and have special memories, so it is fun to get them out and remember every year. This year was especially fun for us because I have a beautiful new backdrop to display Christmas around.  Here is the way my home looks this year in my family room and kitchen.  I wouldn’t say I was a trendy Christmas decorator. The things I have, the ornaments I display have special meaning to me, so that is what goes up, and that is what I love.


When you first walk in, I have displayed my Christmas village. It glows so pretty at night, and the kids love to set it up and look at it during the Christmas season.



You can see all the way through when you open the door, so I have put the tree on the back wall so we can see it when we walk in.


My tree isn’t a designer tree, but every ornament we put on the tree has meaning for us.  Each year the kids pick an ornament and I write their name and year on the ornament.  We also get an ornament on every vacation we take, either as a family or separately.  We have ornaments from Yellowstone, Jackson, Vegas, Rome, New York, Paris….all over.  This is a fun way to remind us each year of memories we have had together as a family.


I have kept the room simple this year. I have put out a plaid blanket, a furry blanket, and some fun Christmas treasures to give the room a wintery almost cabin feel.




I had an old tray that had butterflies painted on the inside. I took some wrapping paper in to cover the bottom, added some books, a bowl with dried oranges and a fun bottle with berries in it.  The books are Christmas books from my Grandma. I love setting out Christmas books to read, and also to remember loved ones who read the stories to you, or gave you the books.



My uncle made these fun reindeer for us as a gift last year, and I was so excited to put them out. I also found this fun Christmas sign at a boutique in Logan in October.  I love the fun vintage feel it gives to the room.





I went fairly simple in the kitchen this year.  I added a few touches to my counters, the advent cookie sheet, and hung some ornaments on the light fixture.  That is all it seemed to need.


It has been fun decorating and remembering Christmas’s past.

I'm Erin, a busy mom of three, chauffeur, cook, housekeeper, and wanna be decorator. I love old movies, good books, and a daily trip to Lowes. We have recently bought a new we are fixing up and changing everything. This blog is to record our renovating journey. This is not the first house we have done. Actually, it is our third. My husband and I love a project. Any project. We both love working on our home, have the same taste, (which is great), and love working and re purposing things on our budget. We can show you how to put together a high end and creative look without breaking the bank. Taking something old and recreating it into something new and exciting for any room is my passion. Hope you enjoy this decorating journey with us!

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