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    Christmas tour 2019

    Christmas is upon us again! I wanted to share a few pictures of our home all decked out for Christmas this year. My style is traditional, vintage, and collected this year. I love gathering all the past decorations and putting them out for us to see and remember years past.

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    Decorating for Christmas! Our living spaces

    I wanted Christmas to feel very warm and welcoming at our house this year. I love the vintage red and green look of Christmas and use it in my house because it adds so much to the neutral gray colors I have in my home. I displayed most of my Christmas decor among my vintage finds and I think they pair nicely together. I added some red and white bows to my wreaths, lights to my shelves,  placed candles around the house, warm blankets and festive pillows, stockings, and our Christmas ornaments from years past on our tree. Enjoy!     Merry Christmas!  

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    Decorating for Christmas! Our Dining room and Kitchen

    The dining room and kitchen this year are vintage inspired. I love decorating with things that I have collected, and things from Christmases past. We’ve had our villages for several years now, the radio in the dining room is old and is decorated with my Grandma’s Christmas plate, and some retro looking decor, I added some brush trees in the hutch along with our nativity. I have displayed plates, santas, wreaths, and ornaments that I have collected for years in the kitchen to give it a homey feel. I love all the splashes of Christmas in these areas. Enjoy!

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    Decorating for Christmas! Our music room

    I love the Christmas season! I think every year that I am going to scale back and keep it simple. Then I start decorating and something takes hold of me and I just keep adding more! I think the reason that I love decorating for Christmas so much is because the things I put out are the things I have collected throughout the years. Things that have memories associated with them. Things that make me think of family. Here is a tour of our music room this year. This room is very traditional with the nativity, the old world Santas, and my Christmas villages. I think that the piano in…

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    Christmas touches — My living spaces

    I am running behind this year. Usually I post earlier in the month, but this month has seemed to get away from me. I am going to show the rest of my living spaces in this tour. I have added Christmas touches all over my home this year, it is simple, traditional, vintage, and I love it. I added some Christmas touches to my dresser. It is the first thing you see when you walk in my home, and I wanted it to have some Christmas cheer. I have my Merry Christmas sign, my nativity from Germany, and my santa note in my typewriter. I put a Christmas pillow on…

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    Christmas touches – My kitchen

    Today I am sharing my  kitchen Christmas decor. This area is so fun to decorate because it is where our family spend most of our time. It is where Christmas goodies are baked, and meals are prepared every night. In my kitchen I mostly work around things I already have on my counter that I need to cook with. I am always cooking in my kitchen, so I need to be practical while decorating. One of my favorite places to add some Christmas cheer is my hood over the stove. I always have a wreath hanging on my hood, and Christmas is no exception. I just made this wreath this…

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    Christmas baking – Chestnuts

    I love Christmas baking. The smells, the traditional recipes we make every year. I wanted to share a recipe I have been making every year since college.  This is my college roommate’s recipe. We use to make these delicious little treats to lure cute guys into our apartment. It is way simple, only four ingredients, but it is defiantly one of our Christmas favorites. My kids request them every year, and they are yummy enough to take to neighbors.   Chestnuts 3 1/4 cup creamy peanut butter 3 lbs powder sugar 1 lb melted butter Mix all together and roll into balls. Refrigerate for 2 hours. Dip chilled chestnuts into melted chocolate. Enjoy!

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    Christmas home tour – my kitchen and stairway

    The next part of my Christmas tour is my kitchen, and well maybe the hallway and banister too. I decided not to put a mantle above my fireplace when we were remodeling the family room. So I had to come up with somewhere else to hang the stockings. I decided to hang them on the window shelf in the nook of my staircase. I love this spot because it is right by the kid’s rooms and the red stockings pop off of the white wainscoting. I also love that decorations on the shelf on my wall that my hubby made me goes so well with Christmas. It feels like a fun…

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    Christmas home tour – my family room

      Welcome! This is the view from my front door. I kept Christmas a little more simple around here this year. I wanted to make my home feel nostalgic, like Christmas’s past. I like to keep a lot of my décor out and add Christmas touches to each spot. Normally I set up one of my villages on this dresser in my entry. This year however, I wanted to keep my typewriter and camera out so I just added a santa and some berries to the mix. I moved my chair and put my tree in the corner next to the couch. I did this last year and I really liked…

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    Christmas home tour – my music room

    I love decorating my home for Christmas. The music room in my home is one of my favorite places  to decorate. I love my villages. We have collected two. The kids and their dad put them up, and the girls love to place the people around. It makes the room feel festive. We have them on the suitcase and floor next to the piano. I went to a house one year and the village was displayed on the piano, but I am not brave enough to put it on our piano. I like how it just spills around it making the space feel like an old town. I put the…

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    A tree full of memories

    I am excited to share my Christmas tree this year. We got it up and decorated last week. I always try to have it decorated before Thanksgiving. I love putting up the Christmas tree. Back in the day when I was a young mother I sort of went crazy with my Christmas trees. I think I had about twelve around my house at one point. Each one had a theme and had to look perfect. But as I have gotten older, my priorities have shifted a bit. I no longer need that designer tree sitting in my living room. I have something better. My memory tree. It is a tradition…

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    Christmas on my porch

    I have spent all of last week decorating and getting ready for Christmas. One of my favorite spaces to decorate is my front porch. I kept it pretty simple this year. I took the lantern from my front porch and sprayed it a new color. That was when the grass was still green. I took that lantern and put it on my porch and added a bit of greenery and lights to it. Then I took this fun find and made it into a chalk board to hang a wreath on. We just cut some wood, and I sprayed it with chalk board paint. Then we stapled it onto the…

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    A bit of spray paint

    I can’t believe it is November already. Time is flying. I love the fall, and decorating for it is so much fun. That being said, I also love Christmas, and decorating for that is a lot more fun. So every November 1st I start thinking about how I want to decorate. Little touches I want to change from previous years, or crafts I want to do.  This week I have been thinking about my porch. I have had this fun lantern for years now and it has recently been out in my back yard. I painted it yellow so that it would stand out in the yard. I cleaned all…

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    Christmas in the music room

    Christmas decor in a music room is so fitting.  One of my favorite things is Christmas music. Either singing it, playing it, or listening to it.  It was so fun adding some Christmas touches to this room. I added some figures from our villages to the piano and my old Santa next to the piano on the floor. I have had an old suitcase we found in the attic of our other house.  I put that on the floor, added a tree, and had the perfect spot for the other village. I always put the nativity in the music room.  I feel the Christmas spirit the strongest when I surround myself…

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    Christmas in the Dining room

    The dining room had to have been one of my favorite rooms to decorate this season.  I painted the room red, and it is the perfect backdrop for Christmas. I added a simple centerpiece for the dining room table from things I had hanging around the house.  I found these candle sticks a few years back in the garden department at Fred Meyer. They have become one of my favorite accessories to display candles and other things.  I had a glass conch which I filled with red ornaments from the dollar store, and put my large green apple for a fun pop of green. In my hutch I added some…