So I have this spot on my dining room wall. I have been thinking now for more than a year what to put there and I finally came up with something. A map.



I was shopping at my favorite antique store and found some old maps they were selling, and I fell in love with them. The only problem was that they were large.  Larger than my space could take.  Still, I loved the idea of it, so I searched online and found an antique map that was the right size for my wall.


I found a store from pinterest that carried old maps but the price was pretty high. So I decided to look around on Amazon. I put the name of the map in their search bar and guess what? They had it and so many more to choose from.  You can actually purchase a map and the wood kit and put it together by yourself.  So fun! They have a lot of fun options to decide on. Who would have guessed. So my tip this Friday afternoon is to take a minute and see what fun treasures are on Amazon for your home.  It might surprise you what you can find.