The dining room had to have been one of my favorite rooms to decorate this season.  I painted the room red, and it is the perfect backdrop for Christmas.


I added a simple centerpiece for the dining room table from things I had hanging around the house.  I found these candle sticks a few years back in the garden department at Fred Meyer. They have become one of my favorite accessories to display candles and other things.  I had a glass conch which I filled with red ornaments from the dollar store, and put my large green apple for a fun pop of green.


In my hutch I added some fun Christmas things I have collected.  I made the Santa in junior high for a home ec project.  Every time I get it out, I remember finishing it up late at night with my mom.  He has berries on his hand to cover spilled hot glue.  The dishes in the center are my Grandma’s dishes.  Every Christmas morning we would go to her house for an amazing brunch.  I remember eating on those plates every year.  I love them because they remind me of her.



There wasn’t a ton I added, but the things that I set out this year made me remember fun times, and most importantly makes me smile.