Dining room re-fresh

It has been so long since I sat down and wrote a blog post! There have been a few changes around here since I last posted. Namely, my dining room.

So when we bought this house I was so excited to have a dining room in it! I always wanted a dining room in my home, and I always wanted to paint it red.

Here is a picture of my red dining room. We painted the walls a pretty true red color and toned it down a bit with white and gray.

The change started when I decided I needed a new dining room table, one that could seat more people. I found a beautiful antique wood table on Craigslist. The only problem was that the wood clashed so terribly with my red walls, so I decided to paint the room and go green! I could still keep the gray hutch, and my grandma’s blue Danube china looked so beautiful with the green.

I loved the new green color. It really did lighten up the room and it went a bit better with the other colors in my home. I wanted to bring in the blue from the dishes so I searched and searched for just the right rug. I found this blue run online and it had the most amazing colors in it that went perfectly with both the wall color and the blue dishes in my hutch.

The table I bought didn’t come with any chairs, so I found these white chairs on Wayfair and I love them! I love contrast of the white and the wood together. I love my home to have a very collected feel to it. I like to gather things that might not be a “set” and put them together. I feel like it gives the home a cozy feel, like there is a story there. I also love using things I have collected from the past that have memories for me and adding them to my rooms. I had this picture from when I first got married down in my storage room. I hadn’t used it for years, but it had the perfect colors that matched the rug so I was able to use it in this space.

I re hung these botanical pieces of art on the opposite walls of the hutch. and re used my chalkboard in the corner of the room. You can see how nice the green goes with my gray entry walls and the blue walls in my music room.

This is the best picture I could get of the room. It is kind of a tricky space to photograph, but such a fun space to decorate. I am always amazed what a couple of cans of paint can do to transform a room.



I'm Erin, a busy mom of three, chauffeur, cook, housekeeper, and wanna be decorator. I love old movies, good books, and a daily trip to Lowes. We have recently bought a new home...one we are fixing up and changing everything. This blog is to record our renovating journey. This is not the first house we have done. Actually, it is our third. My husband and I love a project. Any project. We both love working on our home, have the same taste, (which is great), and love working and re purposing things on our budget. We can show you how to put together a high end and creative look without breaking the bank. Taking something old and recreating it into something new and exciting for any room is my passion. Hope you enjoy this decorating journey with us!