We are slowly but steadily making progress.  This week was the start of school for all of us, and things just got a little crazy. The floor is finally tiled and I love it! I wanted my bathroom to have a vintage feel to it so I decided to go with small black and white hex tiles.

Lights are in! I found these school house fixtures on a trip we took to Boise this summer, and I knew I had to have them for my bathroom.

I also added some to my closet.

This will hang off of a beam we made for the center of the room. I have always wanted a hanging fixture in my bathroom.

Can’t wait to blog about this project. We decided to make our own wood counter top for the vanity. I think that with everything white, light, and shiny in the bathroom it adds a nice balance. We are working on tiling the shower and grouting everything this weekend. More progress to come!