A long time ago when I was younger I had a neighbor who was an artist. I loved going over to her house with my mom and visit her. She painted the most beautiful paintings. She always had something fun to show us, and she had great style. I was lucky to get a few of these old frames to use in my home. I had one that I wasn’t using in my storage room, and I thought what the perfect thing to use for a display board for D’s room.

It was white, and had great detail, but I wanted to change it up a bit and paint the frame dark gray. So easy. I just laid the frame out on an old dollar store table cloth, and grabbed my gray wall paint from my garage.

It took my only ten minutes to have this painted, and I even painted another frame I am also using in her room. I used wall paint, but craft paint or chalk paint or even spray paint works fine too. I have used them all, and they all work.

Her walls needed a pop of color, so I grabbed some extra yellow fabric I had in my sewing cabinet, cut it to size, then fastened it to the back with thumb tacks. Don’t forget to pull it tight. This works best with a partner. One to pull and one to attach. I forgot to mention, she wanted to use this as a display board, so we cut some heavy wire and attached that to the back of the frame first. Same way, just used thumb tacks.

It looks cute on her wall, adds a fun pop of color, is functional, and she loves it!

Nap-Time Creations