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    Easy, fast, no sew silhouette project

    It’s Monday, it’s snowing, and it’s cold. Perfect for a fun and easy craft. Silhouettes. I love Silhouettes. They have such a fun vintage feel to them. I wanted to hang a silhouette of Danica on her wall since her room has such a vintage feel to it. I thought long and hard about how I wanted to create it, and I finally decided on fabric. I bought an old wooden frame a while ago at an antique store. I love cool looking frames, and I was looking for just the right thing to put in this one. I took a picture of the side of Danica’s face, and had…

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    Danica’s room reveal

    Danica and I have been talking about her room for a while now. When we first moved into this home almost six years ago, her room was the first room we did. She was ten at the time, and wanted something girly and pink. She has since grown up, started high school, and her style has changed. Remember what the room looked like before? Very pink, and a little too young for a freshman. We painted it gray, and went with a totally new look. The room is now very calm and serene. We painted her book shelves white, found a new bed and desk, and put an amazing chair…

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    Picking and fixing

    Doing my daughters room has been interesting….fun, but interesting. The last time I decorated her room, she was ten and basically told me what colors she wanted. This time, it is a whole different story. Danica wants things the way Danica wants them. Actually she has a great eye for design, so it is actually fun having her pick out her own stuff and it is fun to have another partner in crime.  So a while back we were picking at my favorite antique store and came across this desk. It was in rough shape, but the lines were good, so we got it for Danica’s room. It was love at…

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    The story of a frame

    A long time ago when I was younger I had a neighbor who was an artist. I loved going over to her house with my mom and visit her. She painted the most beautiful paintings. She always had something fun to show us, and she had great style. I was lucky to get a few of these old frames to use in my home. I had one that I wasn’t using in my storage room, and I thought what the perfect thing to use for a display board for D’s room. It was white, and had great detail, but I wanted to change it up a bit and paint the frame dark…

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    Winter Schminter

    Holy winter batman. We are snowed in where I live. We got 20 inches of snow on Tuesday, and I am tired of it! I have been using my stuck in the house time wisely though. I have been working on my daughter’s desk, re finishing it. I have never kept the finish on  a piece of furniture wood, so I am learning some fun new techniques. The veneer on the top was coming up, so we glued and sanded it. It is turning out lovely! I have the top stained, and the whole piece sealed. I can’t wait to bring it up to her room! I got some frames out from under…

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    re purposing a bed

    I have been busy working on my daughter’s room. I have the room painted, her desk prepped, and I found a great bed for her. When I am working on a room I always look for used items that I can re purpose. Either things I already have, or things at antique stores. I went shopping the other day and found this great head board and foot board. I loved the lines on them, and I knew it would be perfect for my daughter’s room. Here’s the thing…it was only 39 bucks. I couldn’t pass it up. It was well built, and I knew I could put a little effort into…

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    My favorite shades of gray

    Christmas was great, the break was even better, and this week the kids have only gone to school for two days. It has been hard getting back into our schedules around here. It has been so cold and snowy. The kids have had two snow days this week because of the temperature.  I guess -20 is too cold to let the kids go to school. So to keep busy, I have decided to paint my daughter’s room. She was ten when we moved into this house, and wanted hot pink and Paris back then. Super cute for a ten year old, but not so much for a fifteen year old…

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    A mood board for my daughter’s room

    I have been “working”….ummm thinking about my daughter’s room for the past little while now.  We have purchased a desk already that I am going to re finish, so now it’s time to work on picking out some more of the details.  When I start a room I like to do a mood board. A mood board is just a place to put all of your ideas and design inspiration for the room. I look online and decide on all the things we want to buy or put in the room.  I then open excel and just copy and paste all my ideas about the room so it is organized in one spot.…

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    I love Paris in the Springtime!

    My other daughter wanted a Paris themed bedroom. Since I have recently been to Paris I was all for this, and way excited to design this room. Here is her room before. Very bland and white. Here it is after. Very bright, colorful, and Parisian! This was one of the most fun rooms I have done in a long time. It was fun to work with her and her ideas, and incorporate her personality in it. We loved how it turned out, and it totally reminds me of Paris!