When I decorate a space and start investing in accessories for that space I try to find things that are a little unique, maybe something that everyone might not have. DSC_1296

This fun lantern is an example of that.  When I was on the hunt to find some lighting for my family room I quickly became discouraged.  Everything looked the same to me, same lamp, same shade, same same same. It was so boring to me.  That is when I saw this fun lantern.  It was intended to hold a candle, but we saw it a different way.  When I picked it up at the store, my hubby said that would be perfect to put a string of LED lights in it to create a one of a kind lamp. We found some fun LED lights on Amazon, and just coiled them up and put them inside.  They sparkle and twinkle so pretty, and are actually quite light.  The nice thing about LED’s is that they don’t get hot, and they last forever.  These lights plug in and come with a dimmer so I can adjust how light I want the corner lamp to be. So think outside the box when looking for lighting now days….or anything for that matter.  Things don’t always have to be what they seem.