I can’t believe it has been since October since I have last posted. I have missed blogging and taking pictures of our projects.  Life has been busy…work, school,play, Christmas…you name it.
I am excited to show one of more recent projects, my laundry room.  When we bought the home, the laundry was located on the main floor next to the kitchen and I wanted to eventually use that space for a mud room.  There was a large walk in closet in the upper level of our house I wasn’t using. We thought about it and drew it up and decided to convert the closet into a laundry room.  I was so excited to finally have a dedicated space just for the laundry. No more sharing the laundry space with coats and backpacks.
We went to work tearing out the wall between the closet and the hall linen closet so we could enter the room from the hall.

We took out the shelves from the closet and worked on patching the walls.  Next we picked out a color and tile.  I wanted a calm color…something that looked clean and inviting so I chose a light green color.  We chose black and white octagonal tile for the floor. I wanted something classic, something you might find in an older home.

The floor just said laundry room to me. We finished up and put in the washer and dryer and came up with a fun laundry room and perfect space to do laundry in.  If you have to do laundry, it might as well be in a cute room.