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Fun, easy, and totally no sew (or barely sew) window treatments

I love dressing up my windows. It just adds that finishing touch that every room needs. However, I am not a fan of large nineties window treatments. There is too much fabric which creates dust, and quite frankly, reminds me of shoulder pads. When I was thinking about the windows in my rooms, I wanted to add just the right touch without taking away from the window trim we added.  I came up with a fun solution one day while shopping at Target.  They had napkins on clearance that were just the right color for the room I was doing.  Napkins were the perfect solution that I needed to add some softness to my windows.  First of all they are no sew, which I love! Second, they don’t cover too much of the window so the light can still come through. Third, they are easy to hang.  I measured the length of my windows, purchased some tension rods and ironed, folded, and hung my napkins.  I usually like to use two different colored napkins.  A patterned napkin and a solid napkin that compliments one another.  For my kitchen I used the patterned napkin with a yellow solid napkin.  I used the same patterned napkin for my family room, just changing up the colored one for a gray napkin instead to give it a different look.



I did the same thing in my game room, but guess what…I did sew them.  If you can’t find the right color or pattern of napkins to fit your room, you can always measure out a square piece of fabric and hem them.  If you hate sewing….you can even use fabric glue to hem the bottoms together.  The sky is the limit. I have used both real napkins and sewn napkins, and both are easy, fast, inexpensive, and fun.



I love the pop of color a little fabric can add to a room, especially on windows.  It doesn’t have to be hard or expensive, just creative and fun.

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