So I took the day last week and spruced my house up for spring. I put away my furry blankets, winter pillows, and candles. I replaced them with a few fun touches of spring. I got out my flower pillows, lighter throws, and created a fun spring display for my ottoman. A lot of this I did with things I had laying around my house. I feel that rooms don’t need huge makeovers every season, but a few touches like pillows and flowers really make a difference. I also love to raid my son’s old book collection. I totally gave him a bad time when he was bringing these books home from the library, but I seriously love using them in my decorating. Books are great to use because they add color and texture interest to anything you are doing. You can also use them to add height by placing them under decorations or pictures. Decorating for spring has really helped me get rid of the winter blues in my home!

On a side note…I found this fun piece antiquing this weekend. Can’t wait to show you what I did with this!