I am so excited for spring. It is like someone switched a light switch around here. It went from snowy and cold to sunny and beautiful in a matter of a week. I am having fun adding some touches of spring to my home. The first room I started with was the dining room. I recently finished a cabinet, and I was excited to accessorize it.

I got in the mood to change things around one sunny afternoon, but I didn’t want to go to the store to find things. Shocking, I know. So…I did the next best thing and went shopping in my home. I had a wire basket I used to organize some papers, and I grabbed a plant from my storage room. I took a clock my daughter had in her room that she used a while back. The clock was painted apple green, so  I decided to grab one of my small gray paint samples and went to work painting the clock.

Then I remembered that my son had bought some old books from our library that were stacked in a closet. I went through them and found one that matched the colors I was using. I had some old burlap fabric in my craft room so I cut some to size and laid it in the basket for extra texture. So for no dollars at all, I had a fun spring vignette.

I already had these fun books sitting on the cabinet so I kept them where they were.  I found my candle stick in the garden department of our local Fred Meyer a few years ago, and I still love it. Instead of putting a candle on top, I grabbed one of my favorite porcelain birds. Then I grabbed a frame and displayed a bird picture I drew a while back.

A while back a made this chalk board out of a five dollar frame. I put it on my porch for Christmas and loved it, so I decided to bring it in to my dining room to display my wreath. I grabbed a wreath from my basement and added a bird’s nest I already had. Voila, a fun spring wreath.

I didn’t want to spend any money on my décor. I just wanted to use what I had. This made me search my house and think creatively. I love how the small spring touches I added to the room make me smile every time I am in it.