When we were renovating our home, we decided against putting a mantle above the fireplace. I just wanted a clean wall. This opened up our room and gave it a lot more space.

The only problem was where I was going to decorated my “holiday mantels.” I have two stairways in my home. One going up, and one going down. We created shelves in both areas. This became the perfect place for my holiday decorating.

In the downstairs hallway there was a natural shelf created from our foundation. It use to be just dry wall, but we trimmed it out and added some brick. This is an easy place to decorate. I just added my fun word printable and a fall wreath to the old window.

On the stairway going upstairs I wanted it to feel light and airy. I got some milk jars from Hobby Lobby, and grabbed some cotton stems to add to them. Then I added some wooden pumpkins, some old books, and my favorite fall sign.I like the clean simple look of this. It feels cozy to me without feeling so cluttered.

I had this old chalkboard I like to decorate with. I hung my book wreath I made last year on it for some different fun fall texture. I kind of have a “back to school” theme going on with books and book pages.

I love decorating shelves and mantels for the holidays. It makes a home feel so warm and cozy. This year I took a more simple approach. It is good to remember when decorating concentrate on the textures in  your display. Having different textures like glass, wood, straw, cotton, or fabric gives your display some interest and dimension.

Happy Fall!