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    Fall touches – my living room

    This year for fall I decided to keep it simple, and the living room is no exception. We usually call this room the music room since a lot of piano playing goes on in there. The room is painted denim, and all the chairs in that room are gray. This more neutral color palate helps the room feel formal without feeling stuffy. For fall this year I literally placed a couple of pumpkins on the secretary and vintage suitcase I have by the piano. I added some sunflowers on the table, and my topiary I usually have in the room just feels like fall already. My fur throw was perfect…

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    Christmas in the music room

    Christmas decor in a music room is so fitting.  One of my favorite things is Christmas music. Either singing it, playing it, or listening to it.  It was so fun adding some Christmas touches to this room. I added some figures from our villages to the piano and my old Santa next to the piano on the floor. I have had an old suitcase we found in the attic of our other house.  I put that on the floor, added a tree, and had the perfect spot for the other village. I always put the nativity in the music room.  I feel the Christmas spirit the strongest when I surround myself…

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    Molding…tons of molding!

    There has been a lot of work going on in our home the past few weeks.  Lots and lots of painting! I love adding wainscoting to a room, but it is a lot of work.  Cutting, sanding, caulking, priming, and painting two coats of white. But it is worth it! Here is a peek of how some of the rooms are coming along. Here is the family room the day we moved in.  I am so so so over brown! We took out the harth and added some molding around the fireplace. We spray painted the brass grills on the fireplace and painted the whole wall white. This is our…