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Throw back Thursday

My twelve year old daughter went to school today wearing leg warmers, ratted hair, purple eyeshadow, and everything else that entails dressing in the eighties.  It was throw back Thursday at her school today.  She was so excited, and it got me thinking about all the fun things I have worked on in all the other houses I have lived in.  Some of my favorite things to do when I move into a house is to add color.  As I am re doing this house, I love to see all the different rooms and color that I added to other places I have lived in.

This was one of my favorite views  in the entry as you walked into our home.  The whole main level was open and I painted it a yellow color.  I wanted to add some interest by adding a red accent wall.  I also painted my living room a soft green color on the walls, and almost a blue green on the ceiling.  Yes, I love painting ceilings a color, and often times a different color then the rooms.  I think it adds so much interest to a room. We added a lot of wainscotting in that house  I love how the white popped against the color. 

Here is just the yellow color looking down from our second floor.  I took the red and added a touch of it in my decor.  I also painted the stair rail.  It was oak, along with every piece of trim in that house.  It was very easy to paint, and stayed nice.  I always use a liquid sand product on my wood before I paint it and it helps it not to chip.
I love looking at all my pictures and seeing the projects I have done and the personality we have added to a home. I love color.  I haven’t chosen as much color for this home, and I am thinking that I want to maybe add a little more touch of color to it.  It really is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to add your style and fun to any home.

I'm Erin, a busy mom of three, chauffeur, cook, housekeeper, and wanna be decorator. I love old movies, good books, and a daily trip to Lowes. We have recently bought a new we are fixing up and changing everything. This blog is to record our renovating journey. This is not the first house we have done. Actually, it is our third. My husband and I love a project. Any project. We both love working on our home, have the same taste, (which is great), and love working and re purposing things on our budget. We can show you how to put together a high end and creative look without breaking the bank. Taking something old and recreating it into something new and exciting for any room is my passion. Hope you enjoy this decorating journey with us!