Since I have owned my first home, I have dreamed of having a mud room.  A place to put coats, backpacks, boots, shoes….you name it. Somewhere to neatly put away all the stuff!

When we first walked into this home, I was re arranging spaces in my head.  If I bought this house, how could I get myself a mud room and separate laundry room.  When you first walked into my home there was a large laundry room right off of the back door.


There was a spot for a washer and dryer and a desk.  No where for shoes, coats, know, all the stuff that comes through the back door.  I wanted to get the laundry room and desk out of that space and use that big room for my mud room. Lucky for me upstairs in our bonus room there was a pretty large closet.  Large enough for a great laundry room. So we moved the laundry upstairs and voila…I had a space for my mud room.



We took this blank space and measured and planned very carefully how all the cabinets were going to fit.  I wanted a tile floor, closed cabinets, and a sink.


We put in my favorite white and black patterned floor, added shoe drawers on the bottom, and a wood bench on the top that for somewhere to sit.


All three of my children literally put together all the cabinets that went into this space… they did an awesome job, and they had fun doing it too!


Here is the room finished now.  I love love love it!  Not only is it beautiful to look at, it functions well too.  I got my closed lockers, my sink, and wall space for bulletin boards and keys. I think out of everywhere in my home, this has been our best use of space.