Mixing patterns can be tricky.  When I talk to my friends about decorating their homes, how I mix up the patterns in my room is always the question that gets asked.  I love pattern.  I think I have decorating ADD because I get tired of rooms and decor pretty quickly.  One way I have found that works for me to stay happy with a room longer, is to use patterns.


My first rule is to keep the bigger pieces solid.  This allows you to have fun with the rugs, blankets, pillows, chairs, and art.  Next decide on a color pallette. In my room the main colors are gray and white.  I chose a large gray and white patterned rug that was the same color as the couches.  Next, for my smaller patterns, I chose an accent color.  I found this orange patterned chair and fell immediately in love with it.  I knew it would be just the pop of color I was looking for.  I then took the colors from the chair, pillow, and ottoman and found some colorful pillows that had those same colors in them. It is fun to change your pillows and throws for the season.

For summer (above) I decided not to have a throw on the couch, and some colorful pillows.




For winter, I have a fur throw, and plaid throw, and some white cozy pillows.  It adds a little warmth and texture to the room.



And for spring, I found a cute light throw and left the white pillows.

I think that mixing up patterns, and adding interest to a room is a little like putting an outfit together.  Have fun with it, and stay with the same color family as your room, and you will have a fun and exciting space.