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Grain sacks

I love love love antique stores.  I have found one that I especially love here where I live.  This is pretty random, since where I live doesn’t exactly have the greatest home decor stores or selections.  So I was shopping around this summer and found some old grain sacks that were like five bucks each.  I couldn’t resist picking a couple of them up.  I spent the summer while the kids were home from school thinking about what I wanted to do with them, and I came up with a couple of things.


The first and obvious thing I could think of was to make a pillow out of one.  This was an actual sack that was open on one end so my pillow insert fit perfectly inside.  I just had to trim and hem the top and bottom to size, and voila, I had an awesome pillow.  So so easy!


I had a little bit of the sack left over and I decided to do something fun for fall.  I took some burlap and traced an apple on it, cut it out, and sewed it on the fabric with my machine.  Is it perfect…no…but the overall look I love is not perfect. It adds a bit of whimsy to my chair.

It was the color and pattern of this other sack that made me buy it.  Because I couldn’t center the pattern to make a pillow look right with this sack, I decided to use it like a runner.


I draped it over the ottoman to add a bit of fall color and interest to go with my box.  After fall, I think I will trim it and make it into an actual runner and put it on my entry dresser.

I have loved using these old sacks. Not only because they have a story of the past, they add a lot of interest and are one of a kind.

Just typing this post makes me want to run and grab some more.

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