Holy winter batman. We are snowed in where I live. We got 20 inches of snow on Tuesday, and I am tired of it! I have been using my stuck in the house time wisely though.

I have been working on my daughter’s desk, re finishing it. I have never kept the finish on  a piece of furniture wood, so I am learning some fun new techniques.

The veneer on the top was coming up, so we glued and sanded it. It is turning out lovely! I have the top stained, and the whole piece sealed. I can’t wait to bring it up to her room!

I got some frames out from under my stairs and went to work painting them for D’s room. I’ve got great plans for the large frame. Just a tip…when you are re decorating a space, don’t go out and buy new frames, re purpose the ones you have. It will not only save you money, it is easy and gives the frames and room a whole new look. Painting frames is one of the easiest things you can do, and you can even go a step further and paint the mat.

Remember this chalk board? It has a new home in my mud room.

I hung it on the wall above the sink. The kids love drawing fun pictures and taking notes on it. I love how it adds a vintage touch to the room.

Winter Schminter! That’s how I feel.