I have been busy working on my daughter’s room. I have the room painted, her desk prepped, and I found a great bed for her.


When I am working on a room I always look for used items that I can re purpose. Either things I already have, or things at antique stores. I went shopping the other day and found this great head board and foot board. I loved the lines on them, and I knew it would be perfect for my daughter’s room. Here’s the thing…it was only 39 bucks. I couldn’t pass it up. It was well built, and I knew I could put a little effort into making it into something great.


It didn’t come with rails to attach it together, so we had to get creative. We found some wood that fit the bed and screwed it to the two ends. I was going to paint it anyway, so I didn’t care if the wood matched. We sanded the headboard, and I wiped it down with a little liquid sand.


I put plastic under it and cardboard under the feet. This helps the paint not glop at the bottom of the feet and dry evenly.


I few coats later and I had a great new bed for D’s room.


This was well worth my time and effort. It took me one afternoon, and for only 39 dollars I have a great new bed with a lot of personality. Not to mention, things that were built “long” ago, are not only fun to restore, but are a much better quality.

Her room is coming together, I can’t to share the next project!