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Finished Craft Room

It was a lot of work, but we finished. We took a basement that had an awkward layout

 Tore out the wall of one bedroom and created a fun and way functional new family craft room.

We installed laminate hand scraped acacia flooring. I decided to go with laminate in the basement instead of wood just for the practicality. I wanted a space we could glue in, paint in, and just have fun in without worrying about carpet.  We put a butter color on the walls, and painted the cabinets white. I found the knobs at hobby lobby and decided I needed a pop of color. I sprayed the knobs red for a fun whimsical touch. I found my light fixture a while before I finished the room. We went with cans in the ceiling, but I wanted a focal piece above the desk for extra light.  I love all the storage I created, and I am so excited to have a space for everything.

I added shelves in between the upper cabinets for some more storage and to add a decorative touch. We took pieces of pine, cut them to size, and dry brushed them to match the finish of the table legs.  I love the mix of old and new. I sprayed the corbels navy blue to match the chair I found. I love the red, navy and gray color scheme. Very calming.

I found my chair at TJ Maxx. Every room needs a starting point, and that was mine. I like to have an inspiration piece to start inspiring me.  Usually for me it is fabric.  That chair dictated the whole vibe I wanted to use for that space.

I needed a second pattern, and when I found this fabric at hobby lobby I knew this was it.  I had this old window in my storage room. We took out the glass, added some chicken wire and stapled fabric behind it. It works great to display art projects and fun inspiration we find.

I love everything about my room, and can’t start creating something great in it!

I'm Erin, a busy mom of three, chauffeur, cook, housekeeper, and wanna be decorator. I love old movies, good books, and a daily trip to Lowes. We have recently bought a new we are fixing up and changing everything. This blog is to record our renovating journey. This is not the first house we have done. Actually, it is our third. My husband and I love a project. Any project. We both love working on our home, have the same taste, (which is great), and love working and re purposing things on our budget. We can show you how to put together a high end and creative look without breaking the bank. Taking something old and recreating it into something new and exciting for any room is my passion. Hope you enjoy this decorating journey with us!