“So I couldn’t pass them up.”  A phrase uttered a lot around these parts, especially when shopping at antique stores.  It just so happens that I was just in a couple of our antique stores here in town, and I found a couple of great treasures that I just couldn’t pass up.

I wrote on my last post how we are starting my daughter’s bedroom and I am looking for some inspiration…well….I found some.  While we were at one of my very favorite stores we spotted this cute little desk that would fit perfectly in her room.  It has such great vintage detail on it, and I am in love with the knobs.  The wood is a little rough, and instead of painting it a color, she wants me to refinish and keep it wood.  This is probably going to be a challenge, but one I am up to.  I am excited for the project, and hopefully it will turn out beautifully.


While we were at another store in town, I spotted this little gem.


It is the cutest vintage chalk board with letters and numbers on the frame.  I did not buy it immediately, I thought about it for a week.  I realized yesterday that I couldn’t live without it, and I would just have to find somewhere for it to go. I went to the store hoping that it would still be there, and surprisingly it was.  I kept thinking about the great green chalk board surface and how it reminded me of when I was in school. I am looking for a home for it… the mudroom would be a great place, maybe the dining room.  I don’t know, but I will share when I find the perfect spot.

That’s the thing about great finds.  I have learned over the years that there are certain things that just work for you and your home,  and when they work, you just can’t pass them up. I am not supporting impulse buying or spending a ton of money you don’t have, but just saying that if there is that something you just know will work, grab it.  Chances are you will go home and wish you had bought it, go back, and maybe find it gone.  Have fun with something old, make it something new.  Be unique, and creative with the accesories in your home.