Happy January! It seems like after the holidays and the house gets cleaned up, I need a little project or something new to help bring in the new season. This year I made a winter yarn pom pom wreath for my front door. I have been having this love affair with yarn wreaths lately. I made this one for fall, and this one for Christmas. I decided to make another one to get my porch through the winter months. I wanted to choose winter colors, and I wanted the yarn to have thick texture, like a warm sweater.

I grabbed this thick yarn at the craft store. It was almost like a soft rope. I wrapped it around a inexpensive foam wreath form. It was so easy and quick because it was so thick. I only had to go around once.

I grabbed my pom pom makers and got to work making a bunch of pom poms in fun “winter” colors. I bought these pom pom makers a couple of months ago, and I love them. They come in different sizes, and the best part is that my kids end up using them to make the pom poms for me.

Just wrap the yarn thickly around the pop pom maker, close, cut, and tie. Then you want to trim the pom pom to shape in your desired size. Make sure to make different size pom poms to add interest to the wreath.They look like little snow balls. My girls had such a fun time making these.

I hot glued the pom poms to the wreath and it was ready to hang on my door.

My door is painted navy blue, so I love how the colors compliment both the inside and outside of my house. It adds a warm welcome to the door for winter.