I have been showing some finishing touches I have done to my craft room lately. As I came down the bottom of the stairs it was plain and lacking some personality.  I had hung pictures in other parts of the room and basement, and I didn’t want the space to feel like a gallery.  I decided to get on my silhouette, and with my hubby’s help, I found my favorite quote and cut it out with vinyl.

Most of the words except the word create were cut out in Navy blue and I decided to do the word create in a gray color with a different font. I love this quote, and I found it very appropriate for my room.  I also needed a table for a lamp and some fun accessories, and I found just the one at Hobby Lobby for a great price. I packed it up in my car and it became part of my room.

I had bought a lace book mark in Belgium the last time I went, and I had an old frame in my storage room.  I sprayed the frame and cardboard in the back gray, and pinned the book mark into the frame.  We made a lamp out of that pretty gray vase. We just put a light bulb base in the bottom and screwed an Eddison bulb in  it, and it is awesome when it is lit up. I loved how the area turned out, but I felt it was lacking a little color.  I had some extra fabric from my curtains, and decided to make a runner out of it to add color.

I didn’t feel like getting my sewing machine out and sewing it, so I just frayed the edges and ironed it.  I love the pop of color and how it unifies the whole room.  I love walking down and seeing that fun display. It makes me smile every time.