I am loving the new paint color of my theater room. I can’t believe how much the room has transformed from the dark blue room we moved into, to a more calming gray. I seriously thought there was no hope for this room when we moved into the house.

Here is the before. A dark blue dungeon.

Here it is after. I found a gray couch to match the walls and put two chairs on the upper step. We recently went to London, and I knew I wanted a London themed  room somewhere in my house. I figured this was the perfect room to do it since it was somewhere fun we all liked to hang out in.

I wanted to keep the room classic, clean, but fun at the same time. I found this big stop watch clock at Hobby Lobby and knew the circle shape would be perfect for the room since everything in it is so linear. I hung pictures of our trip in the frames on the walls to remind me of all the fun we had there.

My husband built the shelves, and I love how most of the electronic equipment is hidden. It was a lot of work, and I during the process I thought we’d never finish, but in the end it turned out great and we have a fun new space to spend time as a family in.