Painting furniture…one of my favorite things. I love how a piece of furniture can change so drastically with just a can of paint. A while ago my daughter had an armoire in her old bedroom that stored her clothes. We have since moved and did a whole different bedroom for her and she did not need to use that armoire. I decided that it would be great if I could put that piece of furniture in my craft room and use it for a sewing cabinet. The only problem was the paint color. I had painted it pink and creme originally, and those just weren’t going to be the colors I was going to use in that room.

Here is a picture of the piece in her room all painted girly. It actually started out black, and I seriously just used paper towels to rub the paint on and off to give it an instant distressed look.  It was about the fastest piece of furniture I have ever painted.  She was a baby, it was nap time, and I got it done! Whiled I loved it, I knew it would never work this way in my craft room.

I decided to paint it all a charcoal gray color. I used some wall paint from another room in my house, a foam roller, and went to work.  I was going to paint a design in the center section, but I liked the way it looked just gray all over. I found some fun knobs at Hobby Lobby and sprayed them white to add more character.  I love the way it turned out, and I am so excited for the storage it will give me.
While I was painting that, I realized I needed some chairs for that room to go with the table.  I had some old wooden chairs I had used in other rooms in my home, and  decided to change them up a bit.

I had one of these chairs in storage that I used in my other daughter’s room when she was little. Again, it was pretty pink and girly. I also had an old ikea chair I had painted from the craft room in my other home.

I went to work painting all the wood that was going to show.  I painted this chair’s back the same butter and gray I used on the walls and the armoire.

I took the girly chair and painted some gray and yellow details on it. I found some fabric I loved for the seat, stapled it on, and I had two great chairs to sit on while I did projects.

Here they are now. These are such easy projects, and best yet inexpensive projects. If you shop around your home, you can not only have fun using some of your creativity, but you will have a one of a kind piece that no one else has.