Step by step tutorial for re finishing furniture

So I am working on my daughter’s bedroom makeover, and in the process we decided that we would swap dressers with our two girls. My youngest daughter originally had a dresser that was mine when I was younger. It was yellow and blue which matches my older daughter’s room. Well, my oldest daughter had our old dresser I had found at a thrift shop years ago for only $20 bucks.. Read More

Bedroom mood board

So with much persuasion from my twelve year old, I have decided to update her bedroom. She has talked to me “for some time now” about how she would love to have a teenager room. So I asked her what kind of colors that she likes, what kinds of things she wants to have in her room, and what she is mostly going to use her room for. After I.. Read More

Winter Pom pom wreath

Happy January! It seems like after the holidays and the house gets cleaned up, I need a little project or something new to help bring in the new season. This year I made a winter yarn pom pom wreath for my front door. I have been having this love affair with yarn wreaths lately. I made this one for fall, and this one for Christmas. I decided to make another.. Read More

Christmas touches — My living spaces

I am running behind this year. Usually I post earlier in the month, but this month has seemed to get away from me. I am going to show the rest of my living spaces in this tour. I have added Christmas touches all over my home this year, it is simple, traditional, vintage, and I love it. I added some Christmas touches to my dresser. It is the first thing.. Read More

Christmas touches – My kitchen

Today I am sharing my  kitchen Christmas decor. This area is so fun to decorate because it is where our family spend most of our time. It is where Christmas goodies are baked, and meals are prepared every night. In my kitchen I mostly work around things I already have on my counter that I need to cook with. I am always cooking in my kitchen, so I need to.. Read More

Christmas touches – My dining room

I love Christmas time! Decorating my house is one of the highlights of the Christmas season for me. One of my favorite rooms to decorate and to be in is the Dining room. We eat in our dining room every night, and it is so fun to make it a festive room that everyone can enjoy! For my table this year I went clean and simple. Since we use it.. Read More

Fall touches – my living room

This year for fall I decided to keep it simple, and the living room is no exception. We usually call this room the music room since a lot of piano playing goes on in there. The room is painted denim, and all the chairs in that room are gray. This more neutral color palate helps the room feel formal without feeling stuffy. For fall this year I literally placed a.. Read More

Fall touches – mantel stairways

When we were renovating our home, we decided against putting a mantle above the fireplace. I just wanted a clean wall. This opened up our room and gave it a lot more space. The only problem was where I was going to decorated my “holiday mantels.” I have two stairways in my home. One going up, and one going down. We created shelves in both areas. This became the perfect.. Read More

Fall touches – my dining room

My dining room is a fun room to decorate. I love adding touches of the season to that room because that is where we eat every night, and we can enjoy the space. I again went very simple this year. I wanted the room to have the feeling of fall, but not just be a fall room. So here are some fun touches I added this year to my space… Read More

Fall touches…my family room

I think I’ve mentioned before. I love fall. It is probably my most favorite season of the year. Most years I have gone all out with my fall decorating. I would use garlands, pumpkins, pictures…you  name it.  This year however, I decided to take a much more simple approach. I wanted to have a cozy fall feel to the room without the clutter of too much stuff. It is different.. Read More