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    Pumpkins and a fall porch

    On instagram I shared a picture of my front porch and mentioned that the pumpkins that I used to decorate it were grown in my yard. So I thought I’d share where in my yard I grow them. I have a spot in my yard that works great for the amount and variety of pumpkins I grow. I like to grow mini pumpkins so I can have them to decorate the house when fall comes. There is an open space right in front of my climbing vines that I have planted the pumpkins in now for a few years. It might seem like a small space, but the pumpkins grow…

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    Fall in the dining room

    I am one of those people who loves having a dining room in their home. We eat there most nights, and when I was looking for homes, having a dining room was always on the must have list. This room is in the front of the house. I wanted it to be comfortable and not too formal since we use it for our regular nightly dinners. When we bought the house the room was very basic. It was two toned brown with a chair rail in the middle of the room. We added wainscoting 3/4 of the way up the wall and painted the room green. I added some fun…

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    Fall Mantles

    I don’t really have a fireplace mantle in my home right now, but I have a couple of ledges I use as my mantles that I love to decorate for the seasons. These are located in the my stairwell going upstairs, and my stairwell going down. We added some wainscoting to both, and I added some brick to my downstairs ledge. Downstairs, I like to add a wreath to my old window, some books, and garland. It is a great spot to keep a little more rustic and have a little fun with. I always keep this old window there on my ledge, and it is great to use it…

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    Fall in the family room

    Today I’m going to share the fall touches I added to my family room. This is the space in the back of our house right off of our kitchen. It is where we hang out, and enjoy everyday. I have a lot of great vintage items in this room, and I love displaying them and enjoying them while I cook. The colors I used in this room are gray, navy, green and orange. These colors are great because they seem to work with every season, especially fall. I just added some of my pumpkins around, fall sprigs, and some green fall pillows my daughter made for me. I love mixing…

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    Fall in my entry

    I’m excited to share with you what I have done to decorate my entry for fall. I went a little more simplistic this year in terms of my fall decor. Since I have such great pieces I have collected through the years, I decided to just incorporate them along with some of my fall decor. I ended up adding a couple of pumpkins and a fall painting I painted to the dresser as you come in the door. The typewriter, camera, and books that are already there give a very fall vibe to me. This dresser was a hand me down from my hubby’s parents. They were going to get…

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    Adding a touch of fall to the kitchen

    Yesterday I spent a little time creating a new wreath for my range hood. My hubby made me this hood when we remodeled our kitchen and it is a great way to add some extra touches of color and design on the kitchen. It is so simple to create a wreath. First find a wreath form that is the right scale for the place in your home you want to hang it. Next, think of what room you want that wreath to hang in. What are the colors? Do you have other folage in the room you need to compliment. Then after you find the flowers, yarn, ribbon, fabric, you…

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    A fall wreath

    I love summer. I love the warm weather, the beautiful gardens, vacations, barbeques, picnics, the sound of kids playing outside. Having said that, I also love love fall. Fall…oh beautiful fall. I love everything about fall. The gardens are still beautiful, the changing leaves, the colors, the food, sweaters, pumpkins….everything. So every August I spend a little time getting things ready to decorate my home for the fall season. This morning I spent some time making a wreath that can hang on my front door to welcome in the season. I started with a pre made wreath I found at Hobby Lobby. This was a very cost effective option because…

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    We have lived in this house now for ten years. I have read that most gardens take ten years to really start looking established. I have found that to be very true. I can’t believe this is what we had just a few years ago. When we bought this house, the backyard was just dirt and weeds. I has taken a lot of vision to make it what it is today, and we still aren’t done imagining. That is why gardening is so fun! It is ever evolving and changing. I went out and took some pictures of the gardens this morning after watering. Enjoy!

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    Christmas tour 2019

    Christmas is upon us again! I wanted to share a few pictures of our home all decked out for Christmas this year. My style is traditional, vintage, and collected this year. I love gathering all the past decorations and putting them out for us to see and remember years past.

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    Autumn home tour

    Welcome to my Autumn home! I like to decorate spaces to reflect the season in my home. I love decorating for autumn because the house feels a little more cozy, and you can keep the decor out longer. I like to create spaces that make you feel as if they have been collected, with a lot of different colors and textures, and not overly designed. Enjoy the tour!  

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    Dining room re-fresh

    It has been so long since I sat down and wrote a blog post! There have been a few changes around here since I last posted. Namely, my dining room. So when we bought this house I was so excited to have a dining room in it! I always wanted a dining room in my home, and I always wanted to paint it red. Here is a picture of my red dining room. We painted the walls a pretty true red color and toned it down a bit with white and gray. The change started when I decided I needed a new dining room table, one that could seat more…

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    Decorating for Christmas! Our living spaces

    I wanted Christmas to feel very warm and welcoming at our house this year. I love the vintage red and green look of Christmas and use it in my house because it adds so much to the neutral gray colors I have in my home. I displayed most of my Christmas decor among my vintage finds and I think they pair nicely together. I added some red and white bows to my wreaths, lights to my shelves,  placed candles around the house, warm blankets and festive pillows, stockings, and our Christmas ornaments from years past on our tree. Enjoy!     Merry Christmas!  

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    Decorating for Christmas! Our Dining room and Kitchen

    The dining room and kitchen this year are vintage inspired. I love decorating with things that I have collected, and things from Christmases past. We’ve had our villages for several years now, the radio in the dining room is old and is decorated with my Grandma’s Christmas plate, and some retro looking decor, I added some brush trees in the hutch along with our nativity. I have displayed plates, santas, wreaths, and ornaments that I have collected for years in the kitchen to give it a homey feel. I love all the splashes of Christmas in these areas. Enjoy!

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    Decorating for Christmas! Our music room

    I love the Christmas season! I think every year that I am going to scale back and keep it simple. Then I start decorating and something takes hold of me and I just keep adding more! I think the reason that I love decorating for Christmas so much is because the things I put out are the things I have collected throughout the years. Things that have memories associated with them. Things that make me think of family. Here is a tour of our music room this year. This room is very traditional with the nativity, the old world Santas, and my Christmas villages. I think that the piano in…