Easy, fast, no sew silhouette project

It’s Monday, it’s snowing, and it’s cold. Perfect for a fun and easy craft. Silhouettes. I love Silhouettes. They have such a fun vintage feel to them. I wanted to hang a silhouette of Danica on her wall since her room has such a vintage feel to it. I thought long and hard about how I wanted to create it, and I finally decided on fabric. I bought an old.. Read More

Creating a gallery wall

My decorating style around my home is pretty simple and straight forward. I don’t usually do large gallery walls that contain a lot of pictures and items. It feels too cluttered to me. I have seen beautiful gallery walls, but for the most part I like hanging one large item, or sets of items on the wall, and call it good. I hung large pictures along my hallway wall. All.. Read More

My favorite…and the best….cinnamon roll recipe

My kid’s second trimester ended last Thursday, and they all did a great job in their classes. I decided to make my favorite all time cinnamon roll recipe to celebrate with them. They were all excited to come home to fresh homemade cinnamon rolls. This really is a great recipe. The rolls are soft and delicious, and the chocolate chips add just the perfect amount of sweetness. I have been.. Read More

To chalk paint or not to chalk paint

I have been painting furniture now for a very long time. About eighteen years. I have painted everything, end tables, shelves, desks, cabinets…you name it. My go to paint has always been latex wall paint in a satin finish. I like it, it is easy to use, doesn’t chip, and it lasts a long time. If I am painting cabinets, my go to paint is Sherwin Williams cabinet paint. Those are.. Read More

Danica’s room reveal

Danica and I have been talking about her room for a while now. When we first moved into this home almost six years ago, her room was the first room we did. She was ten at the time, and wanted something girly and pink. She has since grown up, started high school, and her style has changed. Remember what the room looked like before? Very pink, and a little too.. Read More

Picking and fixing

Doing my daughters room has been interesting….fun, but interesting. The last time I decorated her room, she was ten and basically told me what colors she wanted. This time, it is a whole different story. Danica wants things the way Danica wants them. Actually she has a great eye for design, so it is actually fun having her pick out her own stuff and it is fun to have another partner.. Read More

The story of a frame

A long time ago when I was younger I had a neighbor who was an artist. I loved going over to her house with my mom and visit her. She painted the most beautiful paintings. She always had something fun to show us, and she had great style. I was lucky to get a few of these old frames to use in my home. I had one that I wasn’t using.. Read More

Changing it up

Isn’t it funny that in January most of us are craving a little change in our homes. I don’t know if it is because we are spending so much time inside from winter, or just that our spaces look a little plain from Christmas. Whatever it is, I know that for me, I need that little change up in my home in January. Usually it is just moving things I.. Read More

Winter Schminter

Holy winter batman. We are snowed in where I live. We got 20 inches of snow on Tuesday, and I am tired of it! I have been using my stuck in the house time wisely though. I have been working on my daughter’s desk, re finishing it. I have never kept the finish on  a piece of furniture wood, so I am learning some fun new techniques. The veneer on the top was.. Read More

re purposing a bed

I have been busy working on my daughter’s room. I have the room painted, her desk prepped, and I found a great bed for her. When I am working on a room I always look for used items that I can re purpose. Either things I already have, or things at antique stores. I went shopping the other day and found this great head board and foot board. I loved the.. Read More