Christmas home tour – my music room

I love decorating my home for Christmas. The music room in my home is one of my favorite places  to decorate. I love my villages. We have collected two. The kids and their dad put them up, and the girls love to place the people around. It makes the room feel festive. We have them on the suitcase and floor next to the piano. I went to a house one.. Read More

A tree full of memories

I am excited to share my Christmas tree this year. We got it up and decorated last week. I always try to have it decorated before Thanksgiving. I love putting up the Christmas tree. Back in the day when I was a young mother I sort of went crazy with my Christmas trees. I think I had about twelve around my house at one point. Each one had a theme.. Read More

Christmas on my porch

I have spent all of last week decorating and getting ready for Christmas. One of my favorite spaces to decorate is my front porch. I kept it pretty simple this year. I took the lantern from my front porch and sprayed it a new color. That was when the grass was still green. I took that lantern and put it on my porch and added a bit of greenery and.. Read More

How to make something from nothing

I finished my console and I am so excited to share the entire process. I love looking up paint tutorials and learning different ways to paint furniture. Even though I learn about different techniques and ways to paint, I consistently go back to the way I have been painting furniture and cabinets for years. This way works for me, I love the finish, and it holds up well. So here is.. Read More

I heart painting furniture

So I posted last on the console I am working on in my dining room. I took a few days last week and finished painting it. Now I am working on the top. I chose to paint it the same dark gray that I painted my dining room table. I decided not to paint it the light gray color the hutch is, I wanted the color to pop off the.. Read More

The console

So just the other day I was shopping around with my husband. We went to a fun antique store we like to go to just to browse around for fun. I should never do that. We came home with a few things. Things we don’t need, but were an amazing deal. I was planning on painting and selling a few of these things, but when I brought this piece home,.. Read More

A bit of spray paint

I can’t believe it is November already. Time is flying. I love the fall, and decorating for it is so much fun. That being said, I also love Christmas, and decorating for that is a lot more fun. So every November 1st I start thinking about how I want to decorate. Little touches I want to change from previous years, or crafts I want to do.  This week I have.. Read More

A mood board for my daughter’s room

I have been “working”….ummm thinking about my daughter’s room for the past little while now.  We have purchased a desk already that I am going to re finish, so now it’s time to work on picking out some more of the details.  When I start a room I like to do a mood board. A mood board is just a place to put all of your ideas and design inspiration for.. Read More


Starting my hallway project took a lot of time and thinking. The whole thing started with this fun hook rack I found at an antique store. I made a wreath for it, and hung it at the end of our hallway. I knew that I wanted something more hanging on the walls, and I decided that it would most likely be pictures. You know all those pictures you have taken.. Read More

Classic pot pie

Brrrr…it is a cold and windy fall day at my house. One of my favorite things to do on a cold fall day is to make something warm and comforting for dinner.  This is one of my families all time favorites. It is a classic pot pie I created years ago, and it never gets old to make or eat.  Here is the recipe. Classic Pot pie Dice 4 large.. Read More