My favorite shades of gray

Christmas was great, the break was even better, and this week the kids have only gone to school for two days. It has been hard getting back into our schedules around here. It has been so cold and snowy. The kids have had two snow days this week because of the temperature.  I guess -20 is too cold to let the kids go to school. So to keep busy, I.. Read More

Christmas baking – Chestnuts

I love Christmas baking. The smells, the traditional recipes we make every year. I wanted to share a recipe I have been making every year since college.  This is my college roommate’s recipe. We use to make these delicious little treats to lure cute guys into our apartment. It is way simple, only four ingredients, but it is defiantly one of our Christmas favorites. My kids request them every year, and they are.. Read More

Christmas home tour – my dining room

So the dining room is my last room I am going to share. It is where we have dinner every night, and has my favorite color on the walls. Christmas is fun to decorate in this room because of all the red that is already there. It just feels like Christmas all over. I decorate my hutch and table every year, and this year I had my new console to decorate as well. I.. Read More

Christmas home tour – my kitchen and stairway

The next part of my Christmas tour is my kitchen, and well maybe the hallway and banister too. I decided not to put a mantle above my fireplace when we were remodeling the family room. So I had to come up with somewhere else to hang the stockings. I decided to hang them on the window shelf in the nook of my staircase. I love this spot because it is right.. Read More

Christmas home tour – my family room

  Welcome! This is the view from my front door. I kept Christmas a little more simple around here this year. I wanted to make my home feel nostalgic, like Christmas’s past. I like to keep a lot of my décor out and add Christmas touches to each spot. Normally I set up one of my villages on this dresser in my entry. This year however, I wanted to keep my.. Read More

Christmas home tour – my music room

I love decorating my home for Christmas. The music room in my home is one of my favorite places  to decorate. I love my villages. We have collected two. The kids and their dad put them up, and the girls love to place the people around. It makes the room feel festive. We have them on the suitcase and floor next to the piano. I went to a house one.. Read More

A tree full of memories

I am excited to share my Christmas tree this year. We got it up and decorated last week. I always try to have it decorated before Thanksgiving. I love putting up the Christmas tree. Back in the day when I was a young mother I sort of went crazy with my Christmas trees. I think I had about twelve around my house at one point. Each one had a theme.. Read More

Christmas on my porch

I have spent all of last week decorating and getting ready for Christmas. One of my favorite spaces to decorate is my front porch. I kept it pretty simple this year. I took the lantern from my front porch and sprayed it a new color. That was when the grass was still green. I took that lantern and put it on my porch and added a bit of greenery and.. Read More

How to make something from nothing

I finished my console and I am so excited to share the entire process. I love looking up paint tutorials and learning different ways to paint furniture. Even though I learn about different techniques and ways to paint, I consistently go back to the way I have been painting furniture and cabinets for years. This way works for me, I love the finish, and it holds up well. So here is.. Read More

I heart painting furniture

So I posted last on the console I am working on in my dining room. I took a few days last week and finished painting it. Now I am working on the top. I chose to paint it the same dark gray that I painted my dining room table. I decided not to paint it the light gray color the hutch is, I wanted the color to pop off the.. Read More