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    Grain sacks

    I love love love antique stores.  I have found one that I especially love here where I live.  This is pretty random, since where I live doesn’t exactly have the greatest home decor stores or selections.  So I was shopping around this summer and found some old grain sacks that were like five bucks each.  I couldn’t resist picking a couple of them up.  I spent the summer while the kids were home from school thinking about what I wanted to do with them, and I came up with a couple of things. The first and obvious thing I could think of was to make a pillow out of one.…

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    Fall at my house

    Holy cow it has been chilly here this week.  Perfect fall weather to decorate the house!  For fall, or any holiday for that matter, I like add touches to my already existing decor.  My decorating style could be described as simple and comfortable.  I am not into tearing the whole house apart for a season and putting it back together after the season is over. Trust me, I have done this a time or two in my life and it is not fun. Rather, I like to change simple things like pillows and blankets.  Change out a picture, or add a pumpkin to some existing decor.  So here is what…

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    So I spent part of the day Monday working on my front porch.  Fall is by far my most favorite season to decorate for, and decorating the porch is no exception.  In general, my style is pretty simple and colorful. I like a space to have fun character pieces that speak for themselves.  Usually when I put a room together, I like to layer decor.  This was no exception with the front porch.  I had purchased a burlap pumpkin wall hanging last year to use on my porch.  When I hung it by itself, it just blended right into the siding so I came up with an idea.   I grabbed a spare piece…

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    Fall Book Wreath

    When I think of fall I think of going back to school, new clothes, backpacks, apples, and books.   This thought inspired me to make a wreath for my home from pages of an old book. I started with a foam wreath form I had laying around my house.  I covered the form with some strips of burlap fabric I had left over from my dining room valence. I then tied a bow using some strips of straw to add that fall feeling to the wreath. Then I went to work ripping out pages of the book and rolling them into tubes.  I glued three together and tied jute around the center.…

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    No matter what, on the first day of September I start getting out the fall decorations. I can not help myself. I love fall! I have been excited to start decorating my house. I have hung my wreath, and I have a fun project up my sleeve.     Happy September!

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    Think outside the box

    When I decorate a space and start investing in accessories for that space I try to find things that are a little unique, maybe something that everyone might not have.  This fun lantern is an example of that.  When I was on the hunt to find some lighting for my family room I quickly became discouraged.  Everything looked the same to me, same lamp, same shade, same same same. It was so boring to me.  That is when I saw this fun lantern.  It was intended to hold a candle, but we saw it a different way.  When I picked it up at the store, my hubby said that would…

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    Fun, easy, and totally no sew (or barely sew) window treatments

    I love dressing up my windows. It just adds that finishing touch that every room needs. However, I am not a fan of large nineties window treatments. There is too much fabric which creates dust, and quite frankly, reminds me of shoulder pads. When I was thinking about the windows in my rooms, I wanted to add just the right touch without taking away from the window trim we added.  I came up with a fun solution one day while shopping at Target.  They had napkins on clearance that were just the right color for the room I was doing.  Napkins were the perfect solution that I needed to add some…

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    finished mudroom

    Since I have owned my first home, I have dreamed of having a mud room.  A place to put coats, backpacks, boots, shoes….you name it. Somewhere to neatly put away all the stuff! When we first walked into this home, I was re arranging spaces in my head.  If I bought this house, how could I get myself a mud room and separate laundry room.  When you first walked into my home there was a large laundry room right off of the back door. There was a spot for a washer and dryer and a desk.  No where for shoes, coats, know, all the stuff that comes through the…

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    Kitchen tour

    So our kitchen is finally finished and usable. I am loving the results, and I can’t wait to share the pictures. Here what our kitchen looked like before the remodel.  If there were one adjective to describe it, it would be brown.  So very very brown.  The first time we walked through this house I wanted to change everything.  The color, the cabinets, the lay out… name it, I wanted it gone.  So after a few years, and a lot of planning, we got to work and created my “dream” kitchen. Here is the result. We decided to go with white cabinets and dark granite on the top of them.…

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    Adding a brick wall

    The kitchen is defiantly coming along. I am still waiting on counter tops to come, but on a whole it is usable and I am loving it! The wall color I chose is fairly light and the cabinets are white, so I knew I needed a punch of something in the room to add some fun interest.  I love the look of exposed brick, and I knew that was what I wanted a touch of in my kitchen.   We have added a little brick in the house already in the stair landing, and I loved how that turned out.  I decided to do a little more and use the…

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    I spent last weekend and the rest of this week painting my kitchen island. Most of the kitchen is white, but I wanted a pop of color on the kitchen island in the nook area.  I decided to go with the denim color I used in my front room. We have the same style of cabinets built for the island, they just came unfinished and ready to paint. We wanted to add some legs to add support to the granite and give the island character. So we built a skirt and attached legs to the sides to make it feel more like a piece of furniture. It was so fun…

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    We have Cabinets!

    Finally, our cabinets are here. It is funny, I have a friend at work who, when ever she sees me asks me if my cabinets are here, and all summer I have had to tell her no. Not anymore! Yay. They came from Barker Cabinets in Portland Oregon about a week or so ago. They are solid wood, and beautifully made.  They ship them unassembled to your home, so we had a lot of building ahead of us. They really weren’t that bad to put together. Defiantly the fun part of the project. They come with screws that work and don’t strip, so it is fast and easy to do. We…

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    Destruction and construction

    The kitchen is coming along. We no longer have cabinets or a sink, and the pantry is framed, dry walled, and has a fun new door. We are going to install the floor this week, and the whole kitchen will be ready for the cabinets.  I can hardly wait!

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    Let’s talk Kitchens

    My kitchen demo has begun. I have waited for this moment since we have moved in four years ago.     We started by taking out the corner section of the kitchen. We decided to put a pantry in the corner instead of having wasted unusable counter space. This will give me two pantries which I know sounds weird, but I will no longer have to go downstairs to get food out of the storage room to cook dinner with.   We have the pantry framed and ready for dry wall. The cabinets are ordered, and we are waiting for them to be delivered. We are completely changing the layout of the…